Terms and Conditions
1. Introduction
The terms and conditions govern the use of the site by users.
The site is intended to provide news, services and relationship channels with the Algarve24.
2. Information
The information contained on the website is updated in real­time, periodically, therefore, the same should not be construed as definitive.
3. Privacy of our visitors
We have a policy expressed about Online Privacy. Registration information and certain other information about the user are subject to the processing defined in that policy.
4. Use of the site and its links
In no event can we be held liable for acts performed by the user on the basis of information obtained in the links on our website. We are not responsible neither for the contents nor for the privacy policies/practices of portals or sites that link to our and those for which aim.
5. Application
1. These terms and Conditions apply to the purchase by you of Algarve24 coins as advertised in our Algarve24 News on Line.
2. We are Splendidsymbol Limitada, fiscal number: 510673180, whose trading name is Algarve24 and/or Algarve24 News Online a company registered in Portugal, whose registered office is in Rua Dr. Teófilo Braga Nr 17, 1º, Loja 1 8500-668 Portimão - Portugal, with email address: info@algarve24.pt.
3. These are the terms on which we provide all services to you and sell our algarve24 coins to you. By ordering any of our Services or by purchasing any of the algarve24 coins you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
6. Interpretation
1. Consumer means an individual acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside his or her trade, profession, business or craft.
2. Contract means the legally binding contract between you and us for the purchase and supply of algarve24 coins and our Services.
3. Delivery Location means the registered address and website of Algarve24, where the coin system is administered.
4. Algarve24 Coins means the Algarve24 coins we supply to you and you purchase from us which are held in our books for purposes to you to purchase any of our services.
5. The algarve24 coins are being administered and kept in the Algarve24 Registration platform under the name, under which you registered with us.
6. Order means the Customer's order for Services and/or Algarve24 coins from the Supplier as set out overleaf.
7. Services means the services, including the algarve24 coins, of the number and description as set out overleaf.
8. Supplier is Splendidsymbol Lda, Algarve24.
9. Payment means the form of transfer of funds by Customer into the bank account or PayPal account under the name of Supplier, by means of bank transfer, Multibanco transaction or Credit Card payment.
10. The Description of services as set out in the website, brochures or price lists from Algarve24.
7. Services
1. Algarve24 coins is a payment system within Algarve24 – Splendidsymbol Lda.
2. By purchasing Algarve24 coins, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Splendidsymbol Lda, and the use of these coins.
3. Algarve24 coins are to be used for internal use only, for the purchase of services provided by Algarve24 News on Line.
4. In no circumstances these coins can be used for trading purposes or payment outside the algarve24 website, or outside the scope of our services to you;
5. The Algarve24 coins have a value of two euros each;
6. The validity of algarve24 coins is one year upon purchase;
7. Algarve24 coins are non-refundable;
8. The Algarve24 coins can be used for payment of algarve24 Services, advertisements, special features, registration, banners, highlighting in the Directory and further Services as provided by Algarve24, as set out in our brochures, price-lists and website;
9. Algarve24 coins can be used for a gift or being transferred to another registered identity within the Algarve24 registration system.
10. Algarve24 coins can only be used after the purchase price has been paid in full and available in the bank account / PayPal account of Splendidsymbol Limitada.
8. Modifications of these Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to modify at any time, aiming at a continuous improvement, unilaterally, the present Terms and conditions of use, by browsing this site, you agree to be guided by the terms and conditions which are in force on the date and should therefore check these each time you visit us.
9. General provisions
The tolerance of any breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall not constitute novation of obligations stipulated herein and neither will prevent or inhibit the enforceability of the same at any time.

The present instrument constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, supersedes any other agreement signed earlier.

10. Questions
If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact us through the "Contact" link in the Algarve24.
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