Trump on 17 day holiday

The President previously claimed: ´most of the people I know that are successful really don´t take vacations´

Trump on 17 day holiday

Donald Trump 'to take 17-day golf trip' despite saying he rarely takes holidays The President has previously claimed that 'most of the people I know that are successful really don't take vacations'

In the middle of investigations, surrounded by a furious administration who all are under the threat of being fired within 10 days, carrying a removal box full of documents pointing to offshore and shelf companies related to criminal investments and russian relations, under fire with a canon full of accusations, surrounded by billionaires whose only aim is to fill their pockets and make themselves richer again: the President of the United States, like he likes to call himself, is going on a vacation.

This man who does not have any idea of running a country, probably only hotels, is creating unrest and angry leaders all over the world. He is threatening with aggressive actions to other countries. Including North Korea. A country which through his shelf companies and orchestrated by his son in law most probably is being supplied with the waepons through secretweapon deals that are going to fight against himself....

17 days of a non-deserved holiday, is more than his last predecessor had during a two term 8 year administration.

His own administration is just one big joke, as sad as it is. He is making one big joke of this job and the only guy who should be fired is himself: You Are Fired !!! shame on you, mr President, shame on all the fools who support him and those idiots who voted for him.

Mr Trump has made a point of his aversion to holidays, even telling members of Congress they should stay in session until a health care bill is passed. At a New Hampshire campaign rally, he told his supporters he would rarely leave the Oval Office as president, saying: "I'd just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off and make great deals." He has also heavily criticised Mr Obama for his holidays, at one point claiming the former President's trip to Spain cost taxpayers more than $476,000. Mr Trump’s own holidays have cost the State almost $30m to date, according to a tally maintained by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress.

according to conservative estimates, each of Mr Trump’s trips to his South Florida estate costs about $1m. And a recent ski trip taken by his daughter and son-in-law, both of whom are White House advisers, cost an estimated $65,000 – just in Secret Service fees.

Everything he does, he claims himself is the best. Words no Achievements except for a load of bullying.

Everything is Great, according to Mr President Himself - but just needs some fine-tuning.

When sending out Tweets, he does not think: he does and says what comes up in his troubled mind. But one thing he is convinced of: he only tells the truth, except for the 198 lies during the first period of what is going to be one of the shortest administration terms in history.

Let's just see and watch whether he will ever come back from this exclusive and definitely not deserved ridiculous holiday of more than two weeks.

After the Trump Impeachment he will claim: "I was just joking: it all was all just one joke, a reality show to see if America would be foolish enough to give me the power to destroy the world." He is just joking about climat, races, immigration, walls, russia, secret waepon deals, telephone calls.

And last but not least: of course he is not filling his pockets and his family do not have any benefits out of this joke.

Algarve24 NewsOnline personally spoke on the phone with President Trump, after he finished his phone call with the president of Mexico and he agrees: "it is all a joke".

Why do we have to fill our Weekend Edition with all this sh*t: Algarve24: we are just joking!

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