Some Algarvian words with their meaning

Do you speak Algarvian? Here is an article of Algarve expressions, words of importance to the Algarve "dialect".

do you speak Algarvian

Do you speak Algarvian? Here is an article of Algarve expressions, words of importance to the Algarve "dialect".

“Diéb” – This means devil. It is used to demonstrate outrage towards someone. Usually used as follows: “Té diéb”

“Dar vaia” – or “dar de vaia”. Also used when the Algarvian people intend to get someone's attention or to greet.

“Machinha” – Mixture of the word hand with the diminutive of full. And it means just that, hand full

“Cachaporrada” –Usually used to threaten to hit someone else

“Alvariade” – Someone who does not pay attention to anything.

“Bela-luísa” – The Algarve is the only place that names lemon verbena tea this way.

“à babuja” – Means by the water's edge

“bezaranha” - This means wind.

Caguifo/a – This expression is used both in the feminine and the masculine to designate fear of somebody or something.

Empachade – Someone who takes a lot of time to do something.

Apoquentar – Means being upset or worried about something.

Maline – Bad, stubborn, evil person or animal

Here in the Algarve there are so many different words that sometimes we end up not knowing how to choose the most used! We could have also mentioned amodes, cagaice, assumar, ávonde, farrajão, ortelhos, condelipa, amarinhar, plengana, arjamolho, among others.

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