Dangerous heat levels across Spain and all Mediterranean bordering countries and islands.

Algarve is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which means that cool air will bring you some refreshment

Dangerous heat levels across Spain and all Mediterranean bordering countries and islands.

If your off to Southern Europe in the next week then be prepared for dangerous heat levels across Spain and all Mediterranean bordering countries and islands.

You might think this is a good thing for holidaymakers from the UK. You would be wrong. With temperatures in excess of 40C across large swathes of Southern Europe best advice is to stay in the shade, drink loads of water, not alcoholic drinks and keep kids cool and protected from exposure as UK folks bodies aren't climatized to such heat exposure.

The temperatures are some 15C above average at the moment and with little prospect of change within the next week be wary of starting forest fires as the land is so dry. There is a water deficiency and rationing is imposed it parts of Italy. I'm not trying to be a killjoy on a rant but as a weather buff in knowledge of this it would be amiss of me not to pass the knowledge on. Be prepared and your enjoyment won't be ruined.

The latest map below shows the extent of the heat today and in the coming days.

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