IKEA Group supports construction of new kindergarten in Almancil

The project of the ASCA has the support of the IKEA Group, to an amount of 200 thousand euros.

Grupo IKEA apoia construção de nova creche

IKEA Group supports construction of new kindergarten in Almancil.

The project of the ASCA - Social and Cultural Association of Almancil - has the support of the IKEA Group, to an amount of 200 thousand euros.

In the year of the opening of the new shopping complex in Loulé (MAR Shopping Algarve, IKEA store and Designer Outlet Algarve), the IKEA Group contributed to a very important project for the region, which will receive 157 children from 0 to 5 years of age.

The project's first stone is launched on August 19. Support for the construction of this project is part of the IKEA Group's sustainability strategy, which aims to promote and support the development of the region where its new project is being implemented, with the latest IKEA store in operation since March, MAR opening Shopping Algarve, on September 27, and the Designer Outlet Algarve in the autumn.

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