The three F’s in Portugal, in one day

Not the ‘F’-word by the famous chef, or Feijenoord who also won last weekend: the 3 F-s in Portugal

The three F’s in Portugal, in one day

Not the ‘F’-word by the famous chef, or feijenoord who also won last weekend,but  the 3 F-s in Portugal,

The 3 F's of Portugal: Fado, Futbol, Fatima

F : FATIMA F : FADO F : Football

Last Saturday we had it all in Portugal: 'F'atima, where the papa was, football because 'F'eijenoord won, ooops, because Benfica won and Fado, the music because Sobral won.

All three F's in ONE DAY !

We know about the first F, “Fado”–that most filigreed, delicate, yet powerful musical idiom. Similar to what flamenco is to Spain, tango to Argentina, and samba to Brazil, fado is much less known. In addition, fado was associated with the repressive Salazar dictatorship and hence fell from favor for a period of time. Now fado has become more popular in Portugal and elsewhere as well. Watch an informative video on the genre.

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