Heads Up and Minimalistic Landscapes in Galeria LiR

Galeria de Arte Lady in Red is proud to announce an exhibition of the works of Marta Fresneda Gutiérrez

Heads Up and Minimalistic Landscapes in Galeria LiR

The Lady in Red – Galeria de Arte is proud to announce an exhibition of the works of internationally renowned Spanish artist Marta Fresneda Gutiérrez, displaying some of her sculptures composed of wood and iron.

Marta Fresneda is an artist with multiple Artworks through several areas, such as sculpture, painting, photography and drawing. During her professional life as an artist, she has already participated in many exhibitions all over the world. She says that "art is the expression of the soul, regardless of the subject, the time or the form of representation. My works are a reflection of the time in which I live, having an important place of humani­ty, society, politics and feelings: there is no art if there is no social and humanitarian involvement".

Minimalistic landscapes.

Alexandre Manuel is fascinated with the temporary nature of photography, by using a long exposure, high key technique and the study of atmospheric conditions for optimum effects and try to create a continuous scene that is untouched by time and only framed by traces of human contact in structures, rocks and maritime locations.

His works were on display in many countries and won several international awards and now can be enjoy in our the Lady in Red Gallery.

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